What are service charges

Service charges

You will be charged for the works, utilities and services we provide to your block and/or estate.
Service charges are calculated from 1 April to 31 March each year and are broken down into a number of categories:

  • Buildings insurance (leaseholders only)
  • Cleaning and grounds maintenance
  • Concierge (where applicable)
  • Heating standing charge
  • Lighting, electricity and heating fuel (where applicable)
  • Management fees
  • Repairs and maintenance

Service charges are divided fairly between all flats in a block. We pay the proportion relating to the rent paying tenants which is then recharged to tenants through the rent and service charge they pay.
We will send you bills about your service charges twice a year:

  • Estimated bills (issued before April each year) are based on the estimated costs of providing the service for that financial year. You can pick up a Service charge booklet from the TMO office, this provides information about your estimated service charge costs for 1 April to 31 March every year.
  • Actual bills (issued by the end of September each year) are based on the actual costs of providing the service for the previous financial year. You can pick up an Actual Service Charge Booklet form the TMO office Actual Service Charge Booklet which provides information about your previous years actual service charge costs

Some service charges result in costs greater than £250 and are invoiced separately. These are referred to as major works.

If you have a query with your bill, for example, you think it has been miscalculated or you have been charged for a service you have not received, contact our Service Charge Accounts Team. We will look at your account and if we can see that you have been charged incorrectly we will make arrangements for any necessary adjustments. If you are not happy with the outcome of our investigation, you can make a formal complaint.
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