Anti – Social Behaviour (ASB)

Report it now Don’t suffer in silence

At Cranston Estate we want everyone to enjoy the place where they live and be considerate of other residents living around them. We are committed to working with you so that you can live peacefully and enjoy living in your community

If you feel you are a victim of ASB you can report an incident in two ways

Reporting an incident

Please contact your TMO office

By phone: 0207 684 6873

Submit our enquiry form

Once you have reported your complaint, we will contact you the next working day.

If you feel threatened or concerned about Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) in or around your estate such as drug dealing, racial or verbal abuse, noise nuisance or offensive drunkenness we want to know.

We promise to look into all reports confidentially and take the appropriate action so all of our residents can enjoy living in a safe and peaceful estate.

You can obtain a leaflet from the TMO office

Tackling antisocial behaviour