Estate Garages

Rent a garage

There are a number of garages across Hackney for a convenient, secure and economical way to store your car or bike. You do not have to be a Hackney Homes tenant or leaseholder to rent a garage.

Garage cost

The weekly charge of renting a garage for Hackney Homes’ tenants and leaseholders is:
£10.50 for under ground garages ( Not applicable on Cranston Estate)
£14.55 for over ground garages
The weekly charge of renting a garage for all other applicants is:
£10.50 plus VAT for under ground garages
£14.55 plus VAT for over ground garages

Apply for a garage

To rent a garage you can complete a form at the TMO office or use the online form on hackney council’s website

Priority is given to people with a disability. If you are a Hackney Homes tenant and you are in arrears with your rent, you may not be allowed to rent a garage.

Ways to pay your garage rent

Problems paying your garage rent

If you are having problems paying your garage rent, contact the TMO office immediately. You are at risk of losing your garage if you fail to comply with the terms of the garage agreement. If you owe the equivalent of four weeks garage rent, we will issue you with a written notice and we will take possession of your garage after seven days.