Home contents insurance

Insuring your home

Should I get home insurance?

Hackney Homes do not insure the contents of your home, therefore we strongly advise that you to take out home contents insurance. This will provide cover against damage to your TV, carpets, furniture, clothing and other household contents, if, for example, you had a fire or flood or burst pipe. The insurance would also cover for lost or stolen keys and for certain items stolen in a break-in.

For more information on home contents insurance, how to apply and an application form please contact your TMO office 0207 684 6873

Or call 020 8356 2164 / 2168 / 2165 or email housing.rents@hackneyhomes.org.uk

What are my insurance responsibilities?

You are responsible for insuring your contents, furniture and personal belongings. Hackney Homes is in no way responsible for the insurance of your belongings.

You are free to choose your own insurance policy, however we have identified a policy which can simply be added to your rent (see above application form).

Please note that Hackney Homes is under no obligation to provide compensation or financial assistance in the event of an accident, disaster or theft from your home.

When can I make an insurance claim against Hackney Homes?

Hackney Homes is responsible for ensuring any maintenance or building work at your house causes no damage.

You can make an insurance claim against us for any damage we cause to your possessions or injuries to yourself or family members. For example, if a carpenter working for us were to accidentally damage a water pipe, and the resulting burst water ruined your carpet, you would be entitled to seek damages from us.

Insurance claim forms are available from Hackney Council’s insurance section on 020 8356 2667 or 020 8356 2780.