Grounds maintenance

Cranston Estate Gardening Schedule

Total of 21 visits per year
Visits every two weeks March to October (inclusively) and then every four weeks
November to February (inclusively)

On-going maintenance work:

  • Mowing of all lawn areas
  • Removal of any small tree saplings
  • Keeping hedges shaped, strong and neat
  • Keeping vegetation off the pathways, roads and car parks
  • Raising the canopy of the trees (under one storey high)
  • Strimming around areas where the mowers can’t reach e.g. along fence lines,trees etc
  • Edging beds
  • Seasonal digging over of the plant beds
  • Reducing the height of shrubs to below window cill levels and making sure parking signs & other signs are visible
  • Seasonal watering of the lawns
  • Reseeding areas of the lawn when needed
  • Applying organic maxim lawn feed twice/three times a year
    Careful seasonal pruning and dead heading
  • Plant summer and winter bedding plants (pansies, petunias)
  • Removal of dead or diseased plants
  • Weeding beds and paved areas with organic weeding and careful use of commercial strength ‘Round-up’ weed killer
  • Pruning of any plants (under one storey high) that could pose a threat to building structures, fences, or are leaning against the side of the building/fences
  • Seasonal pruning of certain perennial plants to encourage new strong seasonal
    growth. Dividing and replanting as appropriate and clearing spring flowers after flowering
  • Keeping fence boundaries free from encroaching vegetation
    Watering the plants