Estate Sheds

Rent a shed on Cranston Estate

There are a number of secure lockup sheds on Cranston Estate for residents who live on the estate. They may be used for storage purposes, with the exception of storing any highly flammable or combustible items.

Why rent a shed?

Many people find that there is not enough storage space in their homes, sheds are a good means of de-cluttering the home, they are an ideal means for extra storage space for items such as tools cycles prams kids toys etc.
Our sheds are rented out on an annual rental period which can be renewed if terms and conditions are kept too.
Anyone can apply to rent a shed on Cranston Estate. All you have to do is join the waiting list and you will be contacted once a shed is available. Once you are offered a shed you will then need to fill out an application form and provide ID proof and a recent utility bill with your name and address on.
You will then be given a copy of the licence agreement to read and sign.


Shed rents are charged annual basis and can be renewed if terms and conditions are kept too and rental is paid on time. All sheds are let on licence and they do not form part of a residential tenancy agreement. Changes to charges may be introduced at any time.


Charges must be paid in advance if charges are not paid, the shed will be repossessed.
You will be sent reminder letters before your annual licence is about to expire, you must not ignore the reminder letters that we send or the shed will be repossessed within 14 days and offered to someone on the waiting list

Terms and conditions

You cannot use your shed to store gas, petrol or other inflammable materials or to keep motorised vehicles of any kind, including mopeds and motorcycles. Also you cannot use the shed for trade or business purposes.
You must allow us to inspect the shed when requested. You will be responsible for any items kept inside the shed.
If you give up a shed and return the keys, you must ensure that it is left empty and clean. If this is not done, you will be charged for cost of clearing the shed and of storage and/or disposal of anything left in it.
If we repossess your shed, the lock will be changed and you will be asked to clear out your belongings. If you do not do this, we will be entitled to dispose of them after one month.

Insurance and maintenance

The Councils buildings insurance will not cover damage or loss to the items of the licensee that are kept inside the sheds, so we recommend that you take out insurance for the contents.
The licensee must agree not to commit any action likely to invalidate the buildings insurance. Please refer to your licence agreement for full details.


We will keep the structure or exterior of the shed in ‘rentable condition’, subject to conditions detailed in the licence agreement. The licensee, as part of the agreement, agrees to keep the shed and its fixtures and fittings in a good, clean and orderly condition.

Ending a licence agreement

We may decide to end your licence agreement, giving seven days’ notice in writing, but this will be done in line with our procedure. Reasons for terminating a licence agreement can include:
If you move from the estate
If you cause nuisance, damage or inconvenience to the Council, or the Council’s tenants or leaseholders
If you use your shed other than for its permitted use e.g. storage of inflammable materials such as gas, petrol
If you have breached one of the conditions for renting a shed
If you choose to end your licence agreement and give up your shed, you will need to put this in writing giving seven days’ notice and then handing in the keys:

Additional sheds

There are a further 10 sheds due for refurbishment early in 2017 so there is still time to join the waiting list.