Reporting a repair

You can report a TMO repair by calling the TMO office on 0207 684 6873 or by submitting our online repairs form below:

What type of repairs are Cranston TMO responsible for?

Cranston TMO will be responsible for:-

Day to day responsive repairs to resident’s homes



Electrical repairs



Emergency repairs (during Normal working hours Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm only)

Void property refurbishments

Plumbing beyond the main stopcock

Plumber fittings

Electrical services from the meter

Window sills and ironmongery

Doors and ironmongery

Cupboards and kitchen units

Architrave and skirting

Staircases and balustrades

Floor finishes

Re-glazing of broken windows

Internal re-servicing of voids

External windows and doors (excluding roof hatches)

Common staircases and landings

Common doors and windows (excluding roof hatches)

Refuse chutes and chambers

Electrical services to the common areas in blocks

Common floor finishes

Internal non load bearing partitions

Internal surfaces of external walls

Community facilities

Fences, enclosure walls and gates

Emergencies in dwellings out of office hours

Emergencies communal areas out of office hours

In dwelling Replacement Repairs (excluding capital works)

In dwelling mould /condensation work (non-capital)

Aids and adaptations (outside 1 year warranty)

Forced entry (when not charged to tenant)

Repairs to leaseholder properties when not responsibility of leaseholder

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Please use this section to give as much information about the location of the repair, and as detailed a description of the fault as possible: size, dimensions, how big an area is affected, has it got worse since you first noticed it, etc.

When did you first notice the item needed repairing? (required)

When you would prefer an appointment?
Morning appointments are from 8:30am to 1pm and afternoon appointments are from 1pm to 5pm. If you do not have a preference, please leave blank and also note that we will contact you to confirm the appointment.

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The appointment/deadline has passed and no one has been to do the workThe worker has been, but couldn't finish the job.They said they would be back but no one has turned up yet.The worker came at the right time but no one was in.I've had a card saying the worker came to do the repair - but someone was in at the time and didn't hear them callI'm not happy with the standard of the work.I'm not happy with the way the worker behaved.I've made an appointment for a repair, but forgotten when it is.My appointment for the work to be carried out was missed.Other, please give details below.

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