Cranston TMO / Hackney provides a 24-hour repairs service. Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm, Outside of normal working hours an emergency only service is provided.

For all Emergency Out of Hours Repairs, After 4pm Monday – Friday, Weekends & Bank Holidays Please contact Hackney Homes on:-

0208 356 3691

What is an emergency repair?

An emergency repair out of normal hours is one which poses danger to residents or property. This includes damage, flooding or where your home is insecure.

(Access to get back in to property is provided at a cost.) Discretion is provided in certain circumstances

  • Major plumbing and electrical faults resulting in large scale loss of water or power.
  • Gas/water leaks from heating/hot water system, with the risk of causing death, injury or serious damage to property.
  • Individual heating breakdowns (only in severe weather conditions and the resident is vulnerable.

What action will be taken by Hackney Homes?

Hackney have a dedicated out of hours (OOH’s) call centre and staff are trained in dealing with emergency situations and work in accordance with the requirements of the Tenant and Landlord Act under duty of care.

A report will be taken and a repairs operative will be sent out to deal with the problem if the situation meets the Out of Hours criteria. This service starts at 5pm each evening and 8am the following morning.

Please note that all Hackney Homes operatives carry staff identification cards. If you are in doubt, do not let anyone in and call the contact centre for further clarification. If additional work is required, you will need to call the TMO Office to book a convenient appointment.

Please note that everything will be done to ensure that the repair is carried out to make your home safe to live in. If there is a serious threat to residents or property such as flooding or a gas leak, every attempt will be made to contact the tenant or leaseholder. If we are unable to get in touch with you, we may have to force entry. We will try to minimise damage and will leave the property secure on completion of our work.

Information about who to contact regarding gaining access into the property will be provided.


Some out of hours repairs can also be recharged to the resident, as it may not become apparent until after the job is complete that the work is rechargeable. For example, if you call the out of hour’s service because you have lost your keys and a forced entry is carried out, the TMO office would recharge the tenant for the repair work